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Kristen created Prime Time Learning to help support students who needed extra learning support than what they were able to get through the school system.

Kristen grew up in Stokes Valley and after a brief stint in Australia and Upper Hutt has returned to living in Stokes Valley. She has worked in a number of primary schools in the Wellington region over the last 10 years while also pursuing further study in Education. She is passionate about supporting students' to reach their full potential and works hard at building rapport with students and their families.

When she is not tutoring students she is looking after her two preschool aged boys, or furthering her education through professional development courses. She is currently enrolled in LMIT (Learning MATTERS Intervention Teaching Certification) which specialises in evidence-based Structured Literacy intervention.


  • PhD in Education (focus: Writing), 2020​

  • Masters in Education Psychology (with Distinction), 2016

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Professional Development (with Distinction), 2015

  • Graduate Diploma Primary School Teaching, 2013


Prime Time Learning was established at the beginning of 2022 after experiencing first hand the struggles some tamariki have when it comes to literacy and mathematics. At Prime Time Learning we are committed to reducing educational inequality in the Hutt Valley by providing teaching approaches which are evidence-based and suitable for the individual.


Our goal is to inspire the students to reach for the stars. We are committed to making students the best learners they can be and foster positive attitudes towards learning. We focus on empowering our learners to have confidence in themselves and belief that they are more than good enough. 




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Our teacher is a very experienced classroom teacher and understands the importance of listening to the student and ask them what they need. We are here to listen to them and support them in having an enjoyable learningexperience.

All teaching is individualised to the students and their needs. We conduct initial assessments to see what might work best for your child and continue to monitor progress throughout so that changes can be made to best support your child. We have access to numerous evidence-based resources to help support students learning.

We endeavour to create a collaborative learning partnership with you, your child, and classroom teacher. We share assessment and progress reports with you as often as possible. We hope to make you feel included in the decision making and that your concerns and aspirations for your child are heard.

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Research and Publications

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