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We use a range of approaches depending on the individuals needs. After the initial assessment we will discuss with you what would be the best approach for the individual and set some goals. We will give you a written report which will highlight the areas of need and what the next steps will be. We are always adapting our teaching practices based on the most up-to-date evidence-based practices. 



Our tutors use structured literacy for the teaching of reading and spelling. Structured literacy is an evidence-based approach to teaching reading, writing, and spelling. It is designed to provide explicit instruction and to build a strong foundation for literacy skills.


Structured literacy instruction can help students with learning disabilities develop strong decoding and encoding skills, improve their phonological awareness, and enhance their overall reading and writing abilities. By teaching the relationships between sounds and letters systematically, students can develop a solid foundation for reading and spelling. 


We are currently using the sequence and scope from Phonics International and Dr Olwyn Johnston's lesson plans. 


Our tutors use Self-Regulation Strategy Development (SRSD). SRSD is an evidence-based instructional approach that provides a systematic and structured framework  for teaching writing skills and guiding tamariki through the writing process.

SRSD breaks down the writing tasking into manageable steps, such as brainstorming, organizing ideas, and revising, and teaches students specific strategies for each stage. By teaching students how to plan, set goals, monitor their progress, and reflect on their writing, SRSD empowers them to become more independent and effective writers.


Our tutors use Numicon, a multi-sensory maths resource, to help children develop an understanding of numbers and mathematical concepts in a fun and interactive way. With Numicon, tamariki are able to make connections between numbers and shapes, and gain a deeper understanding of maths. There are three key aspects of Numicon: communicating mathematically, exploring relationships, and generalising concepts for everyday experiences.  


Numicon can be beneficial for students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, or ADHD, as it provides a concrete and structured approach to learning mathematical concepts. It can also support the development of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial awareness.


Personalised Learning:

Lessons are tailored to meet the needs of each student. Tutoring allows for individualised instruction to focus on areas where the student required additional support or enrichment.   


Holistic Approach: 

We use a holistic approach to learning by fostering critical thinking, problems-solving skills, and building confidence and self-esteem. We focus on overall development to help tamariki become independent earners and succeed beyond their immediate academic goals. 


Flexible and Convenient Services:

We provide flexible options for tutoring either in person (recommended) or online. There are also options for one-on-one or, small group sessions depending on needs and preferences. We mostly tutor from our home in Stokes Valley but can work within schools with permission from them. Our hours of work vary but are available most days including weekends.


Continuous Communication and Progress Monitoring:

We provide open and frequent communication with parents and students. This includes regular progress updates, feedback on student performance, and addressing any concerns or questions promptly to ensure parents are kept informed. 


Professional and Reliable:

We endeavor to maintain high professional standards and have a strong work ethic. We make sure that we are punctual, responsive and maintain positive and respectful attitudes towards students and parents to build trusting relationships.

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